Why Periodic Flare ?

Why the name Periodic Flare? Simple! We all have those moments periodically when we flare up about something. Whether it be an emotion, idea, creative spark in our imagination or big plans that makes us almost explode from excitement, we just flare up right? Well, I have a love for all thing’s science, from planets to pebbles, I have these moments when I have my own flares. And from these flares, I find a way to incorporate an element found on the periodic table that promotes health and wellness, all from a spark in my imagination. And from my brain to my fingers. I create these items that I hope will inspire a little Flare for you periodically.

Keeping it affordable :

I’ve been fascinated with crystals , metals and rocks since I was a kid, not even 10 years old. I really got excited when my father brought me little geodes and agate slices or did grow your own crystals with charcoal, a few household items and an aluminum pan. I was amazed! We did things, fun things as a budget. My father is a contractor, who taught me all about copper and its health benefits. Fast forward, I got into crystal healing and wanted to wear them, So I took my crystal collection and wire wrapped them and had fancy jewelry that was sentimental. Now, I’m a single mom and widow, who never wanted to lose my sense of taste and style, So I started thinking of ways I could still have money for mom treats and support my baby. So, the  mission here, is to bring quality, genuine pieces created for women, men too, at an affordable price tag, while keeping up the fancy!

Stone collections

Product Specifications

Bringing forward a collection with an aesthetic appeal for a broad market while ensuring exceptional results is a challenge for any organization. Riva Precision provides a systematic approach to creating timeless designs that are consistently reproduced through the company's in-house capabilities.